terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

Os meus, os seus, os nossos!

Colírio para os meus, os seus, os nossos olhossss!!!
Deusssssssss amado! Me acuda!
Descobri que agora, há boatos de que talvez ele seja gay, mas nada está comprovado, até lá eu prefiro duvidar porque seria um desperdício absurdooooooooooo!!!!

A little about him!

hey. I don't know if you guys know me but i'm taylor lautner. I'm 17. My secret passion is "martial arts". I started when i was six and took it very seriously, training for hours each week. But when i turned 13, i realized acting was what i really wanted to do. I miss it, and when i have time, i train at my house to keep up. In a girl, I really like them to be down to earth and fun, they are always the best. When i need to chill, i love to play sports! Besides karate, i love football, baseball, swimming, basketball and horseback riding--i even wrestled in school too! football was my fave though. My fave TV show is American Idol. It's the best! Every season, I try to guess who is going to win--and i'm usually right! I'm exited to watch it this year and see what singer makes it! my fave ice cream flavor is cake batter, it's so good. I have it like every day. Pizza was a must-have on the twilight set. In my hometown, grand rapids, Michigan, has the best pizza and ice cream. My all time fave movie is The last samurai, I really liked tom cruise in that , he is a fantastic actor. Oh, I loved playing jacob, because he gets more in-depth in the rest of the twilight series--when he turns into a werewolf, he has two seperate personalities. When he's himself, he's this nice, outgoing guy who Bella loves, but then he gets very intense, which is pretty cool. My b-day is on Feb.11th, so I am an aquarius, go aquarius's. I have a friendly attitude, so i'm told. People tell me I'm a very independant guy. I really would like to be in some other movies this year, Like Valentine's day, with Taylor Swift. Speaking of valentine's day, this year for valentine's day i love taking a girl to a nice dinner. I am a volunteer for City of hope cancer research, pretty good cause. To send me some fan mail the address is management 360 9111 wilshire Blvd. Beverly hills, CA 90210. HAHA, I have an insane bad habit of shaking my knee, i try to stop and it just keeps shaking, it's pretty funny. My fave brand of shoe is Vans, they are pretty sweet, makes a good gift. My absolute fave colour is baby blue. I own a playstation 2 system. I love to play ping-pong with Alyson Stoner, you may know her from Camp Rock. My favorite music video of last year is Forever by chris brown. My best friends are Alyson Stoner, Victoria Justice, Jenna Boyd, and Taylor Dooley. I absolutely love mexican and chinese food. I have a Nokia cell phone, I love it :). I have a dog named roxy she's a maltese. Might be cool to know that I am a french, german, and dutch descent. The Michigan wolverines is the best sports team ever. I have a sister named Makena. I am 5'9, not really that tall haha! So, leave any messages or comments you know i love hearing what you guys have to say!

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