terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

Au Pair

Bom, como meu aceite saiu em 09 de fevereiro de 2010 e eu ainda não tinha feito o blog, muitas coisas aconteceram de lá pra cá, e é o que eu vou contar agora =)

Dia 02 de março de 2010 recebi um email da agência dizendo que tinha uma família interessada, então junto recebi um email da familia, uma carta e 2 fotos! O email é este:

I read your profile on Au Pair in America. We are a family of four living in New York City. If this situation interests you please write back. I would like to learn more about you and discover if are a good match.

Best regards,
Hetty King

Fiquei superrrrr felizzzzzzzzzzz! Não conseguia nem falar direito, fiquei atordoada!
E agora a carta da familia!

Au Pair letter
We are the Perret/King family. We live in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York close to transportation, a
beautiful park, library, museum and botanical garden. From our home you are only a short subway ride away from Manhattan and
all it has to offer with schools, museums, restaurants and historic sites. We have a car but use it mostly for trips out of the city,
shopping and on occasion visiting.
We are a family of four, plus Buster our dog. Evelyn is our oldest and will be three in March. She attends pre-school in Manhattan
five days a week from 8-3. Agnes, our baby will be one in June and currently attends Shell’s Daycare five days a week from 7:15-
4:15 a short walk from our home. I work as a public school dance teacher, grades K-5. Andrew works on the stage crew at the
Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center. Our days begin early getting the girls ready. We are all out of the house by 7:00. I take
Evelyn to pre-school on the subway a few blocks from my school and bring her home after my day is done at 3:00. I pick-up Agnes
at 4:15 and we all head home or to the playground in nice weather. Andrew works long hours and is often not home till after we
are all asleep. He is off one day a week that changes from week to week and is always home on Sundays. Saturdays Andrew is
often home in the morning, leaving for work by 11:00.
In the summer all this changes. I do not work July and August and Andrew’s schedule is much lighter once the Opera is not in
season, May –August. We spend most of our time at the beach, visiting family and spending time in the museums, parks and
playgrounds around the city.
With you in our home we hope to reduce the time that Agnes is in day care leaving you time to take your classes during the day as
well as to care for her part time. Evenings will be spent together cooking, eating and getting the girls ready for bed. Saturdays we
spend swimming and visiting my parents who live very close by. We hope you will join us and swim with one or both of the girls
in the morning spending the rest of your week end as you choose. You will always be welcome to join us and hope you will enjoy
getting to know our extended families as they all live very close by.
In our home you will have the freedom to make a daytime schedule that suits your needs for school and site seeing while most
evenings will be spent with me and the children. On occasion Andrew and I will be out for the evening or we might need you to
help with picking up one or both of the girls when we need to work late. We look forward to learning about you, your country,
language and customs and hope our girls will learn more about who they are as they share their home and family with you.
Hetty, Andrew, Evelyn, Agnes and Buster

Estou conversando com eles esses dias, e se Deus quiser (e ele vai querer), vai dar tudo certo! Amém!

Bom, por enqto é só!

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